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Reskinning – Repairing – Tuning

All reskins include an inspection of the steel hoops, tensioning rope, bearing edges of the head and body of your drum. The shell will be checked for sharp rims, cracks and any potential problem areas.

I can undertake repairs for many types of drums, djembés, hand drums, bass drums, congas, bongos, hoop drums, toy drums(incl miniature djembes), drumkits, marching band drums.

I can tune up your flat djembé and other out of tune African drums.
In addition to re-skinning drums, including skin removal and replacement, basic re-shaping of rings, initial drum tuning, I can make new rings, and rework the wood if needed.

For djembés, I will use high performance multi-filament braided rope if you decide to replace the tension rope. Rope can vary in colour and thickness.

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