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Small hand drum with a single head.  

Plastic body, our tamborines are light, colourful and very sturdy.

20cm (diameter) x 7cm


Floor Toms


Our floor toms are made especially with children in mind. They have a plastic body covered with colorful cloth.  They are sold with a metal tripod that make them perfect for young children standing, or older children seated in a chair. We make our floor toms in four head diameters.

20cm – 22.5cm – 25cm – 30cm (diameter) x 40cm (height)

NZ$150 – NZ$160 – NZ$170 – NZ$200




We make fabric protective caps and light wooden sticks for

our floor toms.

caps NZ$20 – pair of sticks NZ$6 



Large hand drums made from macrocarpa staves.

The roping system is the same as our djembes.

30cm (head diameter) x 60cm (height)




The essential bass drums for a traditional djembe ensemble.

Dununs are double-headed (goat or cow hide) and are carved from a single piece of local wood.

Sets of 2 or 3 dununs can be customised according to your needs

from 25cm to 45cm head diameter

from NZ$300 to NZ$650


A gobelet-shaped drum, carved from one solid piece of wood.  

Djembés are sold either with a sitting or a standing harness.

Dimensions: 33cm (head) x 60cm (height)

Price: NZ$650


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