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David is a New Zealander from the Bay of Plenty living in Dunedin since 1986.

He came back from a five-year stint in France heavily laden with an African drum/dance repertoire.

During his 6 years in Burgundy he began his musical apprenticeship. On African drums: djembé and dununs with Jalil Toukja and on Brazilian drums: agogo, tamborim and surdo with Philippe Large.
His BA (French) from Otago allowed him to have cruisy part-time work ESL teaching, mainly with engineering and commerce students at a branch of Dijon University. This left him plenty of time for music practice.

Back in Dunedin in 1996, he set up drumming lessons with a group of enthusiasts, and months later, had a group ready to perform in Kate’s dance classes.

Carving drums was an option he had anticipated in France. He started in mid 1996 and has not really stopped since. This includes carving djembés, dununs, and a wide range of other hand drums. He makes drums specifically for children, and offers repairs for any drum.
His workshop is attached to his home which lets him blend family life and work. Unexpected visitors will probably find David sweating over a piece of wood any day of the week.  David is known as the Dunedin drum-maker.

The first real break came in 2005 when the whole family went back to France for three years. David took advantage of the trip as a complete refresher course. He drummed in local African dance classes, and performed regularly with a street percussion band.

He attended classes and workshops in African drumming, allowing him to return to New Zealand with a complete new repertoire.