Dunedin, New Zealand

Why we do it

Reason 1

It is very hard to find drums set up for children to use.  Our drums are long lasting and can be re-tightened regularly. They are sturdy  and will take the kind of punishment that occurs in schools.

Reason 2

We want to be proud of  our products so we create repairable drums and source our materials locally. We follow our ethical principles as best as we can.  Some of our materials would be discarded unless we use them.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason 3

Percussion music has always been part of our life.  We simply love the idea of enabling a wider access to music.  The developmental impact of using drumsticks and rhythm, for children, is a worthwhile project.  We propose percussion equipment with clear pedagogical benefits.


What our customers say

“SONGBONG offered an outstanding service. They made drums of exceptional quality that have been used regularly in workshops and performance groups. SONGBONG provide a great service: they are professional, fast and friendly, and highly recommended.”

Henry Johnson | Otago University Dpt of Music

“We use the drums each year in a parade and also in some of our lessons. The drums have lasted well and retained their tone. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Robert Scott | Music teacher at Port Chalmers School

Dunedin, New Zealand

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